Sunday, 8 April 2012


I’m sitting here overlooking the Didinga hills as I wait for my brownies to cook.  I see the last bit of purple light quietly shutting the door of day and allowing the moon to have it’s moment of splendor. It’s cool and humid this evening.  The clouds are threatening to lose their prisoners of liquid, giving us the blessing of rain and the promise of green. For the last few weeks the smell of burning fields and gardens has been a constant aroma, a smell speaking of the anticipation to be found in planting.  

As I sit here, I think of you, knowing that you may just now beginning your Easter traditions and preparations.  This thought makes me smile.  I do hope your day will be as blessed as mine was.
This morning I put on my best dress and then promptly spilt coffee on it.  We had an amazing feast of pancakes and sweet bread and homemade yogurt and canned peaches.  Kim did my hair. I went to church and taught Sunday school. Though I was tempted to skip ahead to Jesus’ resurrection, I didn’t…  We just finished studying Creation and I want to go all through the whole Bible chronologically, to ensure everyone has a firm foundation and understanding.

After church, Kim and I went into the woods, took pictures and enjoyed the trees and cool air.
Tonight the whole compound will share in yet another feast (hence the making of the brownies).  We are eating a turkey; I haven’t eaten meat for two months, so this is exciting!

Aside from the food and the pleasant weather, this day brings with it such hope for me. We’ve been praying and I would ask you to pray with us, that the way before us would be clearly directed and that we would not move to the left or right, but move only in the Spirit of God. Pray for us!

May the Son of Man be glorified in all the earth! He is risen, He has conquered death and sin… He is risen indeed!
Happy Resurrection Sunday!
Me and Kim today in the forest. :)

Never have I ever...

Never have I ever… before moving to Africa:

Washed all my clothes by hand.
Been asked to be a second wife.
Been away from my family for longer than 2 months.
Known more than 20 words in another language
Been a teacher in a primary school.
Eaten grasshoppers.
Dreamt so much about food.
Taught children in another language
Gotten Giardia
Taken a bath in a bucket
Gotten worms
Lived in an area without vehicles.
Had bedbugs
Traveled internationally by myself
Not eaten ice cream or anything cold for longer than two weeks.
Lived in a mud hut.
Hauled water on my head from a creek.
Lived in another country longer than a month.
Craved vegetables.
Bought avocados from a local farmer
Been stolen from.
Had a mouse try to make a nest in my hair.
Cooked everything over a kerosene stove.
Not eaten meat for longer than a month.
 Been so sick of carbohydrates.
Thought of de-worming as an “event”.
Been given a name in a different language.
Worn dresses and skirts every single day.
Been so tan.
Taught English.
Been called “The White Tribe.”
Had a baby named after me.
Been so challenged in my relationship with Jesus.
Been so in love with the Gospel and so desperate for people to receive it.
Been so sure of being where God wants me.
Been so thankful for your prayers, support and your notes of encouragement!