Sunday, 31 August 2014

Student of the week: Sunday.


 Sunday is tall and skinny and often has her hands on her hips with a big smile. She is extremely dramatic and easy to read with her responsive facial expressions. The hardest school rule for her is to whisper...she can't. She'll often loudly ask or say something, quickly put her hand over her mouth, and say it again in a sort of whisper, but so dramatically that she might as well yell. She's has a loud boisterous laugh, is liked by all and brings much joy to the classroom.

Pray she would come to know and believe in Jesus. 
Pray she would be a bold witness for Christ
Pray Sunday would have good, encouraging friends that would band together and live for Jesus. 
Pray Sunday would know the joy of The Lord and delight in Him! 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Student of the Week: SKYE


Skye is that student that copies everything I do and is very eager to please. Never missing a day, she is always at school or waiting for me at my house an hour before school even begins. Her eyes brighten with any compliment or praise as a wide smile spreads over her entire face. She is often raising her hand so I can look at her work and say "good job," to which she wiggles in delight.

 if I show even the slightest displeasure or correction, a look of complete doom covers her face! Skye is a student I can count on to do what I ask. She patiently listens to me and often helps me when I'm struggling for words and explanations in Didinga. She's one of my favorite students!

Pray Skye comes to know Gods' love for her! 

Skye's father died when she was young, pray she knows God as Father and believes in His love and delight in her. 

Pray her character is not wholly shaped by others, but that she would find her confidence and security in Christ.