Sunday, 15 January 2012

Emmanuel- God With Me!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas- A Bit Late.

“This is where meat comes from.” Kim said, with a wirily smile, as she looked at my grimacing face. I was observing a Bull being held down by about ten men. Being aware of the fact that the bull was Christmas feast didn't make me have a desire to see it butchered by a machete. Soon the job was done and the cooking could begin. It was about three a ’clock in the afternoon on Christmas Eve and we had a bull to cook before the next day. Only a few hours later there were fires all around, big pots, and people from the village coming to help. I was told to grab my “Little guitar” followed by hand motions of playing the fiddle. (It’s become popular at the parties now) I took out my fiddle and played to my heart’s content. At about midnight the meat was cooked and people where starting to meander home. The next day was Christmas. YEAH! Didinga people do three things for Christmas. One, they re-mud their house. Two, they get new clothes and three, they eat meat. The third one we would do together.

Christmas morning started with the drums telling us to come to church for prayers. We all sang, greeted one another and commented on the new clothes, and then we all sat in circles and ate meat, talked and I played some more of my “Little guitar”. Worn out, I wandered back home to our little mud hut with full stomach, family on my mind, and Emmanuel in my heart. Merry Christmas...a little late. Thank you for your prayers.  
 Love,   Abby

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