Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Team- Formal(ish) Introductions

My Team- Formal(ish) Introductions
Jonathan & Lauren.

Jonathan and Lauren are our team leaders and have been here for roughly two years. They both are the most humble and fun people ever. Jonathan’s primary role here is as a developer. He has been working on a road, which when accomplished will enable a truck to come up with equipment for wells which would meaning clean water for our community!  Lauren is an amazing full time mom to Adelaide and support to Jonathan as well as the rest of us.

Kim. Kim is what I call officially hard core. She has been here for three years and is probably the strongest woman I know, yet gentle and full of love for the people that surround her. She is one of the teachers and kind of in charge of the rest of us teachers here.

Trey.Trey is a full-fledged Texan and is a blast to be around. He’s been working hard with Jonathan on the road. He is a short termer and will be going back to Texas in June to finish law school.

Kaiti-. Kaiti is my roommate. We both live in a small little hut together and even though we are complete opposites we get along great! She’s from the city in Maryland , I’m from Montana. She is a vegetarian and I shot my first buck at thirteen. She has been working in the local clinic and is hoping to go back and get her nursing decree, which she would be wonderful at. She also is a short termer and will be leaving, sadly, at the end of this month.
Well, that's the team folks!

Pray for us as we seek to show Jesus to the Didinga people. 
Trey-Kim-Me-Katie :)

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