Saturday, 13 April 2013

Montain Top Vacation Bible School.

In late May, we will be hosting three, three day Vacation Bible Schools here in Didinga.

We hope to use these Vacation Bible Schools as a means of evangelism, structuring the lessons with a clear and concise outline of the Gospel. We are opening the camps to children ages five to thirteen.
As a strategy for reaching more children, we will be holding these camps in three separate locations. The first location will be in Nagishot. The children here have had some pervious exposer to God’s word through the local church, Sunday school and daily Bible teaching in school.

Our next location will be in Thuguro, a neighboring village bordering Nagishot. We anticipate these children to have had some exposure to the Gospel, though not nearly as much as the children here in Nagishot.

Our third and final location is planned for Napep, a ten mile hike from us.  In 2008, Kim, my fellow missionary, was on an A.I.M mission team there.  Due to instability this team was forced to withdraw early. 
Napep is a true Didinga interior village because of its remote location children there have had little to no exposure to the Gospel.

Kim and I see the potential impact this camp could have in reaching Didinga children for Christ.  We also realize that this is a huge undertaking and would be extremely difficult to do alone.  With this in mind, God in His goodness has provided brothers and sisters in Christ to assist us with this project.
A team from a small Bible college in Colorado - three women and three men - will be joining us in this great endeavor. Pray for them as they prepare to come to Nagishot in just five short weeks!!!

Do you feel led to be a part of this Nagishtot mountaintop Vacation Bible School?  If so, here are some ways that you can help:

-You can give directly to a general fund. This will provide for a daily meal for the campers and staff, craft materials, sports equipment and other small things needed to host the camps. Simply go to the following web address put in the last name Davey in the search and you will see the project named Nagishot V.B.S.

  - Financially assist a Bible student with their airfare costs. Contact me for more information

 -Sponsor craft materials or sports equipment. Contact me.

-Pray!!!  By far, the greatest help in this whole endeavor is prayer. We greatly believe that with prayer everything is possible. We will be posting weekly prayer requests for this camp and ask that you join us in bringing these items before the throne of grace.

We have prayed for this opportunity for a long time and through a series of circumstances, God has opened the door for these Vacation Bible Schools. God’s timing is often not our timing.  May is just around the corner and there is much work to be done!

However, we are expectant, eager to see how God will not only provide for what is needed, but also how He will use this Vacation Bible School in the lives of Children here in Didinga.

In Him, we go forth and by grace declare His glory.
Thank you for joining us!

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