Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Journey to South Sudan in Pictures.

After purchasing all of our groceries for the next three months we transported them to the guesthouse via 'boda- boda.'

It was a difficult task to fit luggage, supplies, food and 4 people into one Land Rover!

We were packed REALLY tight for two days on bumpy hot roads.

Crossing the Nile River. 

We saw some baboons chillin' by the Nile.

We had only one casualty flat tire...Too bad the car jack was at the bottom under all the luggage. :) 

Stopping for a bit of tea. 

Looking out the window delighting in God's beautiful creation in Africa!


Getting out to run and stretch the legs. Yep, even in 100 + weather! 

Trudging through rocky roads,(suddenly I want icecream!) trails and fallen trees. 

I was so happy to see the Didinga mountains, knowing I was almost home!

Finally all unpacked and happy to see familiar faces!

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  1. Praise the Lord for a good trip back!! We love you and are praying for you!! LOVED the pictures!! Thanks for sharing!! Love, Bethany