Sunday, 28 December 2014

Student of the week.


Locorro is all rascally boy! Every day he wears a green button down shirt, which having long lost its buttons, exposes his bare belly and chest. That, along with his simple cotton pants, raggedly cut off just below his knees, seems to fit his wild, free and Huckleberry Finn personality.

 Locorro is a leader. He is loud, REALLY loud and determined.  He is outgoing, talkative and competitive! He's the commander and disciplinarian of the boys and really most of the class. He tries to be good and always obeys me when I ask him to run around the building for misbehaving...which is a fair amount of the time. :) He does well in school and comes regularly. He definitely adds a lot of chaos in the school day, wouldn't be school without him.

Pray that Locorro would come to know Jesus.
Pray he would use his leadership skills for encouraging others to do what is right.
Pray I would know the best way to love and encourage him every day.

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