Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bible Study Begins!

 Preparing the lesson beforehand.
Talking about the Sovereignty of God through Creation
 Since April Kim and I have been praying intentionally and planning carefully for a weekly Chronological Bible Study.

Two weeks ago, with fear and great anticipation, while constantly reminding ourselves that the study is not ours, but God’s alone, we began what will be a 35 week journey through the Bible.

Our hope is to build a firm foundation through the Bible, which will highlight God’s character, giving a clear understanding of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  We believe that God’s Word is powerful and will not return void.  We pray that God will use this study to transform Didinga lives for His glory.

Please join us in praying for God’s will to be carried out through this small fellowship:

  • Translator - There are 3 different languages currently represented in the group – Didinga, Juba Arabic and English.  Mirium, a faithful old mama, is an Arabic only speaker.  This could present a communication problem in the future, as Kim and I do not speak Arabic.  So far, God has provided capable translators.  Please continue to pray for this provision.
  • Hungry Hearts – Currently there are seven people coming to the study.  Please pray that they would be faithful in attendance, committed to learning and sharing freely both their burdens and joys and that their hearts would desire God and His Word above all else.
  • Communication – Pray that Kim and I would present the Gospel in a clear and culturally relevant manner.  Pray that we would have wisdom and not be blinded by our own culture and that we would never compromise God’s Truth for own or other’s artificial comfort, but rather cling to Truth in love.
  • Give Thanks – We thank God for this opportunity to share His Word with the Didinga people.  We have been greatly encouraged these past two weeks in our ministry through this study. 

God is faithful!  God is so very good!

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  1. Wonderful wonderful wonderful Abbi love!!! I I'm excited for you all as you take this adventure through God's word!! May he open your eyes and the eyes of your students as you study his word together and may the Holy Spirit be your wonderful counselor!!