Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Sacrifice of Delight.

The Sacrifice of Delight-

I write to you my friends indeed, I hope to show you the great need, for Christ to be first
in us all, for faithful men to answer the call, to go wherever He may show, that the beloved of God might Jesus know.

I can not say that this will be painless; sometime you may feel rather aimless. You’ll hurt so deep you’ll sit in quietness, the reward is simply being refined in God’s likeness.

It will require all you posses, you find sometimes you won’t meet the required zest and when you’ve given all you are, you’ll find yourself broken, wrenched and marred. All alone and still afraid, you may fear you’ll lose your faith.

 Do not fear! It is just this child of God, be happy, be blessed. His glory is always best seen, after we lose everything.

You will find that prayer is your only hope; you lean on it with every stroke. You won’t come to God’s word for its doctrinal essence; you’ll come because you need his presence. You’ll see His peace is not a shaky up and down; it’s an anchor in a sea unsound.

 Jesus was not lying when he said a sacrifice it would be, He was not joking when he said, “Take up your cross and follow me.”  If you are thinking that purity, faith and love is a cost too great to bear, remember the cost of chasing the world is also hanging there. I’d make you see if I could; the world can bring you nothing good.

Do not lose heart, He comes to save, you his child, the one to whom all He gave.
His love is better than any other love; He will offer Himself which is more than enough.
Oh, he is good, His life divine! I rather have his, than squander mine.
Aaah my heart is full tonight, as I think of this sacrifice of delight.

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