Saturday, 27 October 2012

Rose Arue

Miss. Rose Arue.

If you ask Rose Arue how old she is she will look up at you with a muddled look then say in her coarse boyish voice, “Erikina!” (I don’t know!) My guess is around eight. This little girl is a constant cause of amusement for me, in that she is so exceedingly naughty without having the slightest intention of being so.

 All throughout the school day you will hear me say “Arue, pay attention” or “Arue, I said 'put your pencil down', “Arue, stop talking", “Arue…What are you looking at?” "Arue, I said, 'no eating your corn in class!'  Then there is also the disciplinary act in which she is certain to receive at least once a day, “Arue, run to the grinding mill five times.”  When receiving this penalizing act, Arue will jump out of her seat and look at me as though I just gave her own exceptional mission in which she must complete as swiftly as possible.

Arue's grin!

 Arue is nearly always in a world of her own, in which I am constantly calling her back. As soon as she hears me from this world of hers she jumps, startled then gives me one of her half sided smiles as if to say “Opps.” She is very bright and other then her crazy A.D.D tendencies is an excellent student, I am constantly surprised with how much she can retain while she appears not to be listening at all.

Today, I gave Arue the task of teaching a new student the first three letters of the alphabet and their sounds.  Arue, at first, was enthralled with the assignment and held up her homemade flash cards with A, B and C on them. She was shocked to find that the new girl, who was older than herself, had no clue of the letters or their sounds. She shouted out while I was with another student (Also against the rules) “This girl doesn't know anything!” I went over to her, put my hands on her shoulders and said “Yes, Arue that is why I chose you to teach her because she needs a good teacher.”  I left her and returned to the other student, as I looked back on her I saw her whole demeanor change. She turned toward the girl in a caring sort of way and said “See this? This goes A, ah ah ah and this one goes B, bu bu bu…That was close, let’s try again.” I couldn't help but smile as I saw this familiar look on her face and the phrases she was using, they were mine… Yet, she added her own spice to it. "Now let’s yell it!" I almost told her “No!” but I restrained myself until she was finished. The new student had her A B C sounds memorized by the end of the class. I was proud of Arue. She is an excellent teacher.

Me and Arue.

Pray for little Arue. Pray that she might come to know and love Jesus as her savior. Pray that she would seek for truth and find it. Pray for her home life and its difficulties. Pray that I would have patience and be able to show Gods perfect love to her.

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  1. How sweet :-) This remeinds me of my 8 & 10 yr old daughters trying to teach my 2 1/2 yr old abc's and counting. They love knowing they are big enough to help in this way. Praying for you. God Bless you.