Saturday, 17 November 2012


Day #1

Today I am thankful for my chickens. I am so thankful for the beautiful fresh eggs they have been giving.

Three weeks ago one rooster and four hens arrived on the plane from Kenya..They where then carried the two miles from the airstrip and into their cozy little home.

We waited two and a half weeks and no eggs came. In frustration and with my finger pointed at each one of them I said,  "As far as I'm concerned there are two different types of recipes in the cookbook one requires eggs the other chicken, you young ladies, decide which one you want to provide!" Well, whether it was the stern talk, the provision of music, the extra food warmed and decorated or the "Home Sweet Home" sign, three days ago I found eggs, nicely laid in one little corner of their pen and hence forth they have laid every day.

 What wonderful little gals!

Jamie Oliver...We call him "Oly"

Folks, meet the gang, Left to right. Julia Child, Margriet Foolen, Doris Longacre Jamie Oliver. In front Wycliffe

Eggs, beautiful Eggs!