Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day #5 Thanks!

Today I am thankful for YOU! 

Thank you for reading my blogs and staying interested in what God is doing in Nagishot. Thank your for your notes of encouragement or just letting me know whats going on in your life. Thank you for those who have sent me letters or packages that always bring a smile on my face and a touch of home.

Thank you for your prayers, which have not only brought me here but have been the source to any fruit whether it is seen or not . Thank you for the prayers for my students and for our bible study members...Thank you for BEING WITH ME HERE in prayer and for not leaving me alone!

For those of you who financially support me, thank you for your sacrifice  You are in a very true sense sweating here with me by working to support me, I pray God blesses you for your generosity to me and ultimately to Him.

I was told before I came here that God would do more IN me than THROUGH me and I have found that to be true. He has shown me wonders and glories because of you. Thank you!

Some friends came over as I was working on this, so I told them they could join me and say “Hi” to you all…Here’s what they said.

Safari  says, "I'm learning the word of God so much!"

Bakita says, "I want to lean the words of God"

Arkangelo says, "I like Abraham, he believed what God said"

Lino says, "I need to think about Gods word."
Eha says, "Thank you!"

One of my favorites, "I want to learn the worlds of God...COME TO NAGISHOT!" 

Thank you for joining in this great commission!

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