Sunday, 30 December 2012

What does one have to do to get a cup of Coffee around here!!!

I am passionate about coffee. It's not JUST about the caffeine that gives you that extra energy in the morning or even the intoxicating smell that creates a smile appearing into your very soul, no, rather it is the very essence of coffee that I love. Coffee symbolizes love and character, it is a sweet memory and confident reminder that life is good.

 To experience this delight in Nagishot takes patience and dedication yet, as Jacob was willing to wait for his sweet Rachel for seven years so I willing to wait for my sweet coffee...Well, maybe not for seven years.

Anyway, to relish this coffee in Didinga, first one must find a tree, preferably a coffee tree.
Coffee tree.

After you have made friends with the coffee tree owner, you must wait patiently as the berries begin to ripen.

When the beans are ready, they must be laid out to dry, now you are getting closer. Once they are dried, these little beans of potential are getting closer to meeting their destiny...Me.

The dried beans

You must gather what you can for fuel and get a hot fire going.

A fire fueled by corn husks

Now, it's time for roasting! If you are strong like the Didinga, you can use your hands to stir the beans as they begin to roast.

Now you must ask your self "Do I want a dark roast, or light roast or something in between?"
Light roast.

A little darker

and darker...

 Now you can pour the beans into another basin to cool.

Now, you ought to take a few moments to appreciate the beautiful color and essence of the beans.

Now it is time for the grinding.
Rising up!

Pounding down!

Gotta get that coffee ground!

After pounding in the hot sun the beans will be roughly grounded

Now, it is time for the second grinding.
At the grinding stone...

You can imagine how long it takes to grind wheat for bread...


Now is the part we've all been waiting for...

TA DA! Mmm!!! As usual, worth the wait!


  1. I absolutely loved this post! :) Fun fun. I would like to try it some time.

  2. Though I didn't have to go through quite as long a process as you. I did use the same kind of filter to put my water through. ;) Good times!!!