Sunday, 10 February 2013

Insanely blessed!

I’m sitting in the Cheng Mai airport in Thailand waiting for the long journey back to my home in Didinga. With tears in my eyes and my feet curled up under me I cannot stifle the deep emotion of such profound encouragement within me. I feel so greatly blessed!

Six months ago I bought a plane ticket to China in hopes to see my brother, his wife along with my little niece who I had not yet met. After several attempts at getting a visa I finally was able to board the plane and start the journey to China mid-January. I couldn't wait to see my brother, everything in my soul ached for something... For family. My soul felt so tired and thirsty and loneliness ate away at me.

I will never forget those first few hours in China, I arrived in a light skirt and tee-shirt with only a small sweatshirt in my carry-on. The moment I stepped off the plane my lungs went into full shock as I forced myself to breath. It. Was. Freezing!  Coming from the hot, fresh aired small village life that I have been in over a  year to the crowded cold city of my brother’s life was so…Different! Once again I was reminded of how diverse and incredible the world is in which we live.

Then I saw my brother, standing there with hot tea in his hand among with the crowds of people, instantly, my heart was lighter, I felt I had come home.

After changing into warmer clothes and then given even warmer clothes by my brother who looked in dismay at my sandaled feet, We caught a bus taking us to his home city. The next couple weeks were spend by late nights talking, chopsticks, chinese food, delighting in Leah (my niece), playing games and me marveling at the fact that my brother and sister in law speak Chinese!
Great Wall.

Being with my brother and his wife and so many others things the past few weeks have been so encouraging! I can’t even tell you how my soul has been revived, taught, encouraged, challenged and inspired. I am so excited about going back to Sudan, I feel like in some ways I'm going again for the first time with fresh energy and passion, it feels so good!

As an unexpected turn of events my brother had a last minute meeting in Thailand, so I joined the trip!  The last week in Thailand with my brother was amazing…The weather was warm and the colors were bright and I found myself staring into the city just thinking, “There are so many lives I don’t even know about, so many amazing and gifted people, so many opportunities, so much potential…I never even cared about until now.”  I was reminded of something I had forgotten the past few months. I am not alone, I have never been alone and I will never be alone, God, who knows every heart of every hidden and unseen person of the world, is here with me and nothing I can do will ever change that.

I heard a story this past week about an older man who was asked by God “Are you teachable…Are you willing to learn?  His replied, “Have you seen my library? I have a doctorate!” God said,  “I mean are you willing to learn something new, something you don’t already know about?”

 That question has been wandering around in my brain the last few days, am I teachable? Am I willing for God to teach me something new, something unexpected, something I don’t know. Truth is, I am afraid of what God might teach me, afraid I might fail, afraid of looking stupid, unsure of what I am committing to and what it might cost, it’s all too big for me, this radical life! Then I realize, isn't that how it is supposed to be for all of us, too big for us? Isn't HE bigger than our small and frightened lives? Don’t we want him to be?  The radical life isn't meant to be lived just by the "radicals" and the obvious successful Missionaries, no, is meant for you, it is meant for me, it is meant for all the unseen and hidden people who I don’t even know or care about yet, it is meant for the Didinga and IT is the best and most full life beyond imagining. 

Thank you for praying, I know the reason this past month has been so richly encouraging is because some of you were praying it would be. Your prayers have been answered; the devil did not win…HE HAS GOT THE VICTORY! HALIUJAH!  Thank you Father.

Now, back to South Sudan I go…Back to my home in Didinga. 


My  Niece, Leah. 
Seth and Jeanine (they stole my they didn't see this coming!!!:) )

My  brother and me, so cold!


  1. Great words! I loved reading this. Even in my small town life in Lake Tahoe CA I was challenged by your words to have a willingness to be teachable and to become more aware of the people around me and beyond in far off places I haven't even met yet! Glad you had a great time!

  2. love you abbi! great post :) glad you're encouraged!

  3. So glad you had a time of refreshing!!! Keep up the good work!