Thursday, 28 February 2013

Schools out forever! Maybe.

The past week has been so good and yet it all began quite discouraging. After the first week of school only a  few students showed up, we were told by the end of that week that because of the lack of students the school would be temporally shut. This is obviously very disheartening as we were teaching Bible stories every day in class and it is the main "Work" we do here. I would like to say I handled it well, but to be honest I felt a bit lost, incredibly homesick and had a strong desire for copious amounts of chocolate.

I believe that God is completely sovereign in this and perhaps this is Him pointing us in a new direction. There is still a possibilities of teaching at the school, we will have a meeting this coming monday with the parents to find out why the children are not coming to school. Please pray for this, I believe there is more to them not coming then them just not coming.

Please pray for wisdom in how we ought to spend the next 7 months here in Didinga if school does not resemble. Bible study and Sunday school will still, God willing, be a part of our weekly lives and yet this will still leave our weekdays free. Here are some ideas we have been praying about.

After school program -

This would allow us to continue the Bible stories with our students if school does not continue.

Bible stories in Nepep- 

Nepep is a village around 10 miles from Nagishot, there is 2 very young believers there and we are praying about hiking there once a week to start going through the Bible with these two believers and anyone else willing. This is a huge prayer request, this village has not been open to the gospel in the past, we also want to be wise in timing. We hope to take a vision trip in the next two weeks.

More time with our Bible study members- 

Kim and I spent the whole day yesterday helping harvest a wheat field. Working in field with people is one of the best ways of building relationships here in Didinga. This may give us more time to spend with our Bible group and people in the community being able to build better relationships.


 Kim and I have been praying about having a VBS/ Camp for the end of our Bible stories for when we reach the end of the gospels and as we bring all the stories together around May or June and then another maybe in August focusing on life in Christ.

Something we are not seeing???

We want to be open to anything God leads us to, possibly something we are missing? Pray that God would reveal how he want us to spend our time here and that we would see it.

Thank you for praying!


  1. Praying for you Abbi! God will show you what to do.

    1. Thanks for your prayers Emily! I'd like to catch up with you some time!

  2. Abbi, I don't really know how to get ahold of you...but just wanted to let you know that I loved getting caught up on your blogs today. My husband thinks you're cool and he hasn't even met you, that's how cool you are ;) Wish we could visit you and you could visit us. Pretty sure it would be pretty different (perhaps less different than it was visiting your brother, but still pretty different). Isn't God so awesome in how diverse and yet how similar His creation is?! Much love to you sister, from Siberia

  3. My dearest old R.A (by old I mean in the past not "Old") Thanks so much for your post. Never in my life would I have imagined to be thought "Cool" but I rather like it. SWEET! I think about you often and I REALLY hope I get to see you and meet your husband as I assume he is as epic as you are. I would love it if you guys came here!!!! That would be SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for all you do, you are an amazing example to me as well as many others.