Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Two days down and about a million prayer requests!

We just finished our 2nd full day of Vacation Bible Camp.  We are busy, busy, busy... so, I will have to make this quick.

Our short-term team from Colorado arrived safely and is, to say the least, amazing!!!  

The Bible camp is going well - what a joy to serve!!!

Here are the latest prayer points:
  • Health - A nasty cold is going around.  I'm not feeling great myself, some of our American short-termers are feeling physically down and our Didinga translator is feeling weak.  Pray for renewed strength.     
  • Weather - The weather has been sunny and warm - absolutely beautiful!  Thank you for praying! Though we are technically in the middle of rainy season, it has not rained for more than three weeks!!!  We thank God for His provision in regards to the weather, but also do pray for the rain to return this weekend (while the camp is not in session).  Crops are getting quite dry.
  • Teaching - Pray that we would teach with authority and Christ's love.  Pray that God would equip each and every one of us with culturally relevant illustrations/examples which bring God's Word to life, so that each camper would truly grasp a hold of the truth.
  • Pray that we as "teachers", despite the craziness of the camp schedule,  would live in communion with Christ - taking time for individual pray and devotion to the Father.

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