The wonderous sunny days in the mist of rainy season!
Progress on our Didinga VBS camps is going well and with only two weeks until go day, excitement is in the air!

The curriculum and logistics seem to be coming together well, we thank God for that.  Here are some more ways that you can pray:

Weather: Nagishot weather is unpredictable.  This week we have enjoyed beautiful spring-like temperatures, but last week we waded through torrential downpours.  We continue to pray for fair skies throughout the VBS camps.

Curriculum:  Our Colorado short-term team has been a major help in creating a workable VBS curriculum.  Please continue to pray for us all as we complete the remaining lessons.

Camp National Workers:  This Tuesday evening we will have our first National VBS team meeting.  Please pray for enthusiastic National participation.  Pray too that we would all be united as we minister to the youth here in Didinga

Campers:  Right now we have absolutely no idea how many campers will actually come to camp each day.  We are hoping to have several registration days, yet even with this planning in place it will still be hard to predict actual camp numbers.  Please continue to pray that God would send those children who are ready to hear and receive His Good News.

Short-term Team: Our team will be arriving in Nairobi, Kenya in ten short days!!!  Please pray that everything would go smoothly (flights, visas, health, last minutes preparations…).  Across the pond logistics (with little to no internet access) has not been an easy task, but we know that God is in control.

Thank you for being a vital part of our team!!!