Friday, 16 August 2013

The Last Bible Study.

The past few weeks of Bible study were truly exciting as the chronological Bible stories finally reached their pinnacle of Jesus arrest, death, burial and resurrection! Seeing the fulfillment of prophecy, the coming of the long awaited Deliver from Satan, sin and death was so impactful! Jesus came and finished what he came to do! Praise God, praise God for this most wonderful, glorious truth!

Waiting for Bible Study to start.

The night after we finished the story of the Deliver’s crucifixion, Nacorice (the faithful translator for Church and Bible Study) was quiet around the fire.  Catching my gaze in his direction he looked up and said, “I’m just still thinking about Bible study.” So I let it rest. 

After some time he finally looked at me and said, “I thought I knew the story of Jesus. I thought I knew, but today I realized, I never knew! I never understood what Jesus did for me until today and it affects me so much.” 
Having a meal together after Bible Study

Marta at Bible Study.
He wasn’t the only one who was richly impacted. The past three weeks of Bible study have affected ME TOO, God’s word is so rich, so true, so wonderful! I have come to a deeper understanding of the Good News of Jesus! Jesus came because of MY sins, He came because of YOURS He is the the way to be free, to be forgiven. He is the way of true life.

 Praise God for His indescribable gift!

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