Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Way Home.

The past few weeks in Nagishot were crazy! I went to two funerals, helped deliver a baby, stayed up late with friends and counted down the days before I could hug my baby sister.

Then, the day finally came to begin the journey. That journey  which would lead me back to Montana, the place of pine trees and bluegrass music! Back to my home in Montana.

  After saying goodbye, finishing up the dishes and packing the last few things it was nearing 3pm before I began the 10 mile hike down to Chukadum with my violin in hand and Nacorice, my escort carrying my backpack.

Saying goodbye to friends.

Nacorice on the way.

We reached Chukadum and visited with friends before the sun went down and there I had my first meal of day with three older woman. We feasted on roasted corn over the fire as we talked and laughed in Didinga. Then I was shown a mattress where I curled up into a little ball and fell asleep (somehow) to the sound of the three snoring older woman.

Waking up before the sun I gathered things together and found a vehicle to take me to Torit about a five hour drive into South Sudan over bumpy and muddy roads swished in-between four people and two chickens. 

Finally in Torit I was greeted by the three happy faces of the missionary children who live there and spent the evening catching up and talking with these amazing servants of God! 

South Sudan immigration
After going to immigration and sorting out all my Sudan visa issues, I got on the MAF plane to take the next phase of travel to leave South Sudan and head to Kenya.

MAF Plane

The flight took all day but finally, late that night, I arrived in Kenya and got a good night of sleep at a hostel. 
Flying out of Sudan

The next day I went to the Doctor where I was poked and prodded. I found out that I've REALLY NOT been alone all this time!  Nope, I have three different types of parasites (and their children) living in me. I was given a prescriptions and by now should be animal free.

Doc in Nairobi

The next day, I took a taxi to the Nairobi Airport.

If you are up your world news you will know that the international airport in Nairobi burned down two weeks ago.  It was hectic, full of long lines and big white tents in which hosted the thousands of traveling people.

White tents working as the airport in Nairobi.
Going to Dubi

The first flight was 7  hours long to Dubi, the second flight was 13 hours to Seattle and third and last flight was only 59 minutes to Spokane where I saw my parents and sister for the first time in two years!

With tears, long hugs and flowers they greeted me and we talked the three hours to Montana, where I fell fast asleep, finally back, in my home in Montana. 

My home in Montana.


  1. Wow! Your time over there has gone so quickly. Glad you made it safely back to Montana.

  2. Oh my gosh ABBI!!! I can't believe the time has whipped by so fast and you are back in our beloved MT!! WOW! I would love to catch up with you on Skype sometime after you've had some rest and huckleberries :) Love and miss you!

  3. Amazing. Really. Wow.