Thursday, 17 July 2014


I have thirty-nine students. They're not just children I see during school hours, they are a constant part of my life throughout the day. They bring frustration, joy, laughter, craziness and encouragement. I love these guys! I have decided to highlight one student a week, so as to introduce them to you, in hopes that you will join me in prayer for each one. :) 

Linda is one of six children in her family and is a natural little mother; often taking care of her younger siblings or other youngsters. She has the best penmanship in the class and has an eye for art. I often find her doodling random little things on the side of her homework. She is a sweetie and has a soft and creative spirit.  

Please Pray that Linda would hear, listen and respond to Gods word. 
Pray She would use her gifts for Him
Pray she would see the Love of Jesus in believers actions and words and become a true follower of Jesus and know His love for her. 

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