Thursday, 24 July 2014

Student of the Week: Amani.


I have thirty-nine students. They aren't just children that I see between the hours of nine to one. They are a constant part of my life throughout the day. I love these guys! I've decided to highlight one student a week, so as to introduce them to you as well as encourage you to pray for them with me!


Amani is Linda's little sister. Amani tries very hard at school and because of this is doing quite well and is ahead of the other children her age. She is very grown up and mature and comes to school regularly and on time, with her book and pencil in hand. She takes learning very seriously and tells the other children to 'quiet down' if they are misbehaving. 

Pray she would long for truth.
Pray she comes to know God.
Pray she seeks for opportunities to hear about Jesus.
Pray she would believe in Jesus Jesus' work on the cross for her and that she would grow and not lose heart.

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